What happens if I encounter technical problems?

Of course we can help. We have a dedicated technical support team as well as all spare parts in stock. Please make sure to enclose pictures or videos when contacting the technical support team here.

Are NOVRITSCH guns reliable?

Each gun has to pass a strict quality control process, the materials used meet the Novritsch standard and on top of this we offer technical support throughout.


How to I calcuated Joules and FPS

FPS is short for Feet Per Second, it is a measure of velocity to measure the speed of BBs as it leaves the barrel of your gun also referred to as “muzzle velocity”.

Joules is a unit of kinetic energy. FPS is relative to the BB weight you are using but the kinetic energy it produces stays pretty much the same. To calculate kinetic energy in Joules you can use our calculator:

Can I reuse BBs

It might seem like the obvious choice, but we can not recommend reusing BB’s in guns as this can cause irreparable damage to your gun. Never put used BBs into your airsoftgun.