Order Status

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All possible order statuses

Status Explanation Next Steps
Pending Payment You just placed an order but didn’t finish the payment process. We save your order and you can pay at a later time. Click the PAY button to restart the payment process
On hold You just placed an order and we are waiting for the payment provider to acknowledge the payment.
On Preorder We received your order. You added a preorder product to your order so we wait until it’s available and then send out the whole order.
Awaiting Verification We didn’t receive an age verification. As soon as we get the verification we can send out the order. Contact us
Manual Check Something doesn’t look right. We will check it asap.
Preparing Package The logistics center is preparing your package, changes are not possible anymore. You will receive the tracking code very soon.
Completed We forwarded your package to the postal service and already sent you the tracking code.
Refunded We refunded your order.
Failed There is a problem with the payment. Contact us