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A one-stop shop for helmet setups. Combined with proper Face & Eye Pro, you get rid of all painful headshots. This platform can also be heavily accessorized by adding ear protectors, headphones, patches, 3D camo and much more.

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Tactical Helmet

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Helmet Pouch


Our favourite helmet accessories:

Novritsch Patch Black

Designed in-house patches to set the fashion standard.
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Tactical Helmet

Tactical helmet for an authentic military look and improved head protection.
  • Lightweight helmet = no neck pain
  • Hard plastic for bump protection
  • Ventilation holes to keep you cool
  • Fully adjustable
  • Side rails & Side clips
  • Front NVG mount - great for GoPro
  • Outside velcro - for all the important patches
Size: M-L Inside velcro that holds the padding needs to be added by the user. Comes in the package.
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Headset V1

Communication can make or break a team's performance on the field. Playing as a lone wolf might be appealing to some players, but in a lot of situations, the strength of a player comes from how he/she is able to move in a unit and communicate with others. The Headset V1 can help your team to operate as one while giving you comfort, functionality and a tactical look. This headset can amplify surround sound allowing you to have a better awareness of what’s happening around you. At the same time, it also has the feature to reduce loud noises and explosions. If a grenade goes off near you, your hearing will be protected. Compatible with our Standard PTT. For these features to function, you will need an AAA battery on each side of the earcups.  We don't advise using this headset for real-steel shooting.
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Comfort Padding for Tactical Helmet

Added comfort for the Tactical Helmet.
  • Improved padding
  • Soft cushions for comfort
  • Sweat Absorption to keep your face dry & your goggles clear
  • Breathable so you don't overheat
The adhesive Velcro is included in the package.
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Brainexploder Adjustable NVG Mount (GoPro Style)

The helmet mount you need for the perfect FPS view thanks to its reversed design. Instead of the camera sitting upright, it is placed upside down, bringing the camera closer to what your eyes see. Designed to accommodate all GoPro models including Hero 1-10 and GoPro Session.
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The SJ8 Plus is a powerful camera made to endure extreme outdoor activites and to record your adventures with high quality footage. This easy to use camera is very suited for airsoft and can be remotely controlled with the SJCAM app on your phone.


  • 1200mAh battery to film 4k 30fps for 90minutes
  • USB Type-C connector
  • Wifi data transfer
  • Dual screens & Dual microphones
  • 8X Digital zoom
  • Detachable battery
  • Supports up to 128GB SD 
  • It can even go 90 feet deep underwater
Playing airsoft underwater is not recommended.
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For our helmets, we often tend to max it out, using all features the platform enables:

In the front, there is a Night Vision mount ready. However, in airsoft, this mount is also perfectly useful for a GoPro-style camera. Super simple to set up: you just throw in a mount and get the camera rolling! Pro tip: put a bit of foam in between the GoPro mount and the helmet - it will eliminate some vibrations.

For seamless radio comms, we use the Headset V1 mounted directly to the helmet. It enhances your hearing a bit as the microphones attached to the headset amplify important sounds such as steps other players may take. On top of that, it protects your ears from hits.

Lastly, we usually throw in the comfort padding (for a premium feel) and some pouches. Moreover, when the game takes place in a woodland area, we may also opt for a helmet cover to attach vegetation.

What's the best helmet for airsoft?

Airsoft helmets are a kinda special category as not every helmet is optimal for airsoft. There are 3 basic helmet types: real-steel helmets, airsoft helmets and super cheap plastic helmets.

Real-steel helmets are often a bit heavier than the ones usually used in airsoft which may result in your neck being a bit tired after a day. Moreover, these helmets are often substantially more expensive. Sure, they can block a 9mm bullet but that's hardly needed in airsoft - making this option a bit overkill for airsoft.

On the other end of the spectrum, cheap plastic helmets are not really the best option out there either. Sure, they're cheap but often very uncomfortable and without any ventilation. Also, in most cases, they offer little to no customization options. These will generally suffice if you're just starting out but it's far from optimal.

In our experience, we'd stick with an airsoft helmet such as the one we offer. The reason is simple: it's lightweight, fairly affordable, comfortable and actually allows a ton of customization options. See for yourself!

How to use an airsoft helmet for full head protection?

You can easily use the Tactical Helmet as the base platform to cover your entire head. The best way to do it is to combine your helmet with a headset (or ear covers), as well as large tactical goggles and a mesh mask. The V2 Meshmask is the best one for the job in our experience.