SSG24 Shipment status

This site is created for those who can't wait to receive their SSG24.


Order #Status
Until order #54500Batch 1, 2, 3, 4: Sent out to customers
Order #54501 - Order #123486Batch 5, 6: Almost completely shipped
Order #123487- Order #135962Batch 7: Almost completely shipped - please make sure to send your age verification.
Order #135963  and higherThe SSG24 is in stock now. 

Detailed Shipping Updates 

  • 24. September The SSG24 is in stock now.
  • 19. September We finally received the container and will start shipping out today! We should finish most orders this and next week.
  • 17. September The SSG24s should arrive to our warehouse during this week. 
  • 06. September We hope to receive news from the import department of customs by Monday, so we can give you a date for shipping out orders.
  • 26. August The cargo is still expected to arrive at NY harbour on 7th of September.
  • 14. August Everything is on track. We are still accepting orders.
  • 05. August The ship is currently crossing the ocean to the US.
  • 01. August Shipment is still on track. We are already preparing the accessories, to have everything in stock as soon as your SSG24 arrives.
  • 23. July The cargo is expected to arrive at NY harbour on 7th of September.
  • 19. July The new SSG24 order was picked up from the factory today and is on the way to the harbour.
  • 17. July New orders from 135963 on are preorders for the SSG24s that are arriving in September 2019. All other orders are nearly shipped out.
  • 10. July Currently we are facing delays in shipping out because of the number of orders. We will open a second packaging station on Monday, so we can speed up things!
  • 28. June We shipped 99 % of age verified SSG24 preorders now. We are currently missing full seal pouches and black tips. Full seal pouches will arrive on Monday, Black Tips within 10 days.
    The SSG24 is in stock now.
  • 25. June 95 % of preorders that we received age verifications for will be sent out by today. The SSG24 is available in stock by now with a very limited amount, but preorders are of course our top priority and we will get them sent out as soon as possible.
  • 24. June By the end of today, we will have shipped 80% of the SSG24 preorders where we already received the age verification. We are working hard that everybody will get a tracking ID fast.
  • 17. June This week will be an intensive SSG24 shipping week. We got additional staff to handle the orders.
  • 12. June Finally! The first SSG24s are already getting shipped out. Please give us some time to ship the big amount of orders.
  • 05.June Breaking news! The container full of SSG24s got released from US customs today! The container will be sent tomorrow to our NOVRITSCH US warehouse. It should arrive in a few days and we will start shipping the orders out right away. The volume of the SSG24 preorder is very high, please understand that it will take some time until all the preorders are fulfilled. We are glad this problem is finally solved and that we can finally send the long-awaited orders out to your guys! Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.
  • 04. June US customs predicted the release of the SSG24 container by the end of May. Unfortunately, we did not receive any news until now. Unfortunately, communication with US customs is quite hard and we cannot get any further information.  We have been talking with customs experts and they said that US customs in this specific area usually stick to their time predictions. We hope it will be released in the upcoming days.
  • 20. May We are currently preparing spare parts to have them in stock, as soon as the SSG24 is available to ship.
  • 16. May We didn't receive any updates on the shipment yet.
  • 13. May The arrival date for the SSG24 to our warehouse was announced to be 31st of May now. If there is any change, we will let you know here.
  • 09. May The accessories for the SSG24 are already arriving to the US. 
  • 06. May The shipment is still on track for end of May. We will keep you updated here.
  • 15. April Unfortunately we are facing a problem with customs regarding the SSG24 and we are very sorry to say that we are only expecting to receive the SSG24 at the US warehouse at the end of May. Airsoft items are many times complicated to get through customs and unfortunately we were picked for a random inspection which will take some time and causes a delay. Today we are sending out an update to everyone who ordered. For more information please watch Novritsch explaining the details:
  • 08. April Most tracking IDs for orders until #123486 (this refers to orders which were place before the US shop existed) were sent out now. Orders to the US special postal codes  (7****, 850**-893**, 900**-935**) will get their tracking ID as soon as it is active at USPS in approximately 2 days. Your orders have already arrived to the US! We will update you about orders placed at soon.
  • 03. April All orders until #123486 which do not require any special adjustments and where verifications were sent, got shipped out today. Your tracking IDs will follow on Monday (there is a public holiday in Taiwan, thus we have to wait a bit to receive them and will forward them to you immediately when we get the details.)
  • 23. March 27 SSG24 Orders were sent from Taiwan today. Please keep in mind that your accessories might get sent in a separate package directly from our warehouse in Austria.
  • 22. March As the gun cases arrived and the factory was able to complete orders, shipping started again and will continue on Monday. 
  • 18. March The gun cases will arrive tomorrow and shipping will continue afterwards. 
  • 07. March All orders from the EU will get sent out from our warehouse in Austria shortly, as long as you correctly verified yourself. Orders from the rest of the world are currently waiting for the guncases to arrive at our factory in Taiwan. Shipping out from Taiwan will continue on 15th of March.
  • 28. February Today there is public holiday at our factory location, however, a big number of orders got prepared for shipping out next week.
  • 18. February Orders to special US postal codes (7****, 850**-893**, 900**-935**) where we need to organize importing via collective freight are in production right now.
  • 11. February Production started again and the factory is currently preparing orders until #117113
  • 04. February Due to Chinese New Year celebrations in Taiwan, the factory is closed and shipping will continue after 10th of February.
  • 29. January All orders which do not require any changes, permits or special shipping methods until order #112737 should get shipped before Chinese New Year.
  • 28. January The factory is currently preparing orders to get shipped before Chinese New Year.  From 1st to 10th of February, no orders will get shipped, due to the national holiday.
  • 04. January 5 % more of Batch #6 got shipped
  • 30. December Batch #5 nearly completed shipping. Special orders to the US are getting packed and shipped in the upcoming week. Batch #6 started shipping out.
  • 11. December The production of 95 % of Batch #5  is finished. Batch #5 will complete shipping this week, except for special cases were import documents are missing or were special shipping methods are used. 
  • 22. November We've been waiting for the next batch of guncases to arrive at the plant. It is finllay here which allows us to ship out the already finished SSG24s of batch #5. The entire batch is ready and will be sent out within the upcoming weeks. Yesterday and today 22 percent got shipped!
  • 07.November 5% more got shipped the past few days.
  • 01.November 10% more got shipped the past few days
  • 19.October 5% more got shipped the past few days.
  • 12.October The gun cases finally arrived at the plant and we can continue to ship SSG24s from batch#5. 3% more got shipped today.
  • 26.September Thest past days 10% more SSG24s got shipped. Also the Heavy BB hopup arm and the enlarged bolt handle got released. You can find them in the sparepart and rifle accessory section.
  • 20.September The past week, the wholesale order for the german retailer sniper-as got prepared. It will go on the cargoship very soon and we will then ship out to end consumers again.
  • 13.September 6% more got shipped the past days.
  • 06.September 3% more got shipped today.
  • 04.September 3% more got shipped today.
  • 28.August 3% more got shipped today. The enlarged bolthandles arrived in Austria. I'm currently so busy with shipping out the SSP-1 orders that I don't have time for the bolt handle launch. It will be releasded in about 1 week from now. The heavy BB hopuparm is finished too and on the way to Austria.
  • 20.August 6% got shipped the past few days. Also the enlarged bolt handles are finished and on the way to my logistic center in Austria. The transition from shipping of batch#4 to batch#5 will go smoothly. Shipping out of batch#5 already started today.
  • 16.August 4% more got shipped the past few days. Shipping will be speeded up again since the stock quality became more stable again which makes more of them pass QC for the final assembly. Check out thelivestream of me in Taiwan
  • 03.August2% more got shipped. This week the wholesale pre-orders of were prepared. It will be finished next week - then shipping to customers will continue. The enlarged bolt handles as well as the MARS rail are finished too and are on the way to Austria. Once they are here they will be available right away. I am at the airport right now and will arrive in taiwan soon. Follow my snapchat and instagram to learn more.
  • 20.July 2% more got shipped
  • 17.JulyThe new batch of stocks arrived and passed QC. 3% more SSGs got shipped. Also the MARS rails are finished and will be sent to Austria next week by plane.
  • 09.JulyThe mold factory adjusted the stock mold and we tested the first few samples. They passed QC and 1% more could be shipped out today. The new batch of stocks is now getting mass produced. I will keep you guys updated.
  • 03.July1% got shipped. The rest of the new stock batch didn't pass QC again. The new improved batch will arrive in about 10 days. Please watch this video to learn more about the stock QC.
  • 25.June 4% more got shipped the past few days. Shipping out is currently slowed down because 80% of the stocks didn't pass quality control. All upper receivers of Batch #4 are ready and we just wait for the vendor to supply the new batch of stocks in a quality standard that I can accept. Therefore the shipping of batch#4 is slightly delayed by about two weeks. If the next batch of stocks passes QC, batch #4 will be completely shipped by the end of July and then shipping of batch#5 will start right away.
  • 13.June 5% more got shipped the past few days. I'm currently in Taiwan to do QC on batch#5 and to work on further accessories for the SSG24 such as the MARS rail, new hopup arm and the enlarged bolt handle as well as some further projects. Watch my lasted instagram and facebook livestream to learn more about the progess of batch#4 and batch #5.
  • 05.June 5% more got shipped. Next week I will fly over to Taiwan to do Quality Control of batch#5. Follow my instagram and facebook to see what I do in the factory
  • 28.May 4% more got shipped. Batch #4 is sold out. The transition from shipping of batch#4 to shipping of batch#5 will go smooth and without any time gap if everything goes like planned. Shipping of batch#5 starts in the mid of July.
  • 22.May 5 percent more got shipped
  • 13.May 5 percent more got shipped the past few days
  • 11.May 3 percent got shipped today
  • 09.May 10% got shipped the past days. Short outer barrels and inner barrels are finished and on the way to Austria by plane. Everything is on schedule.
  • 04.May 3% got shipped today. Also the Novritsch Suppressor is now in stock and will be shipped out to preorder customers right away.
  • 02.May 3% got shipped today
  • 30.April 3% got shipped today
  • 29.April 12% of batch #4 got prepared last week for in Germany for their SSG24 preorders. The guns were loaded onto the containership on Friday and it is already on the way Europe. This week further SSG24s will be shipped out to endcustomers every day.
  • 23.April 3% more got shipped today.
  • 20.April 5% more got shipped the past days. The factory is now back at 100% capacity and guns can be shipped everyday. The suppressors are currently on the plane and on the way to Austria. If customs are fast it should go live by the end of next week. American customers can purchase the suppressor too since it will be shipped in two seperate packages. One with foam, one with the housing.
  • 04. April 3% more got shipped the past few days. Everything is on schedule.
  • 26.MarchShipping of Batch#4 started. Currently we ship out with 30% of the factories capacity since not all parts arrived yet at the plant. By the mid of April the capacity will be back at 100% which means that 2-3% can be shipped each working day.

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Old Updates

Shipped out of SSG24 Batch #3


  • 23.March 3% more got shipped.  Shipping of batch#4 will start after this weekend.
  • 16.March 3% more got shipped. Shipping out of batch#4 will start right after batch#3 is shipped out.
  • 12.March 3% more got shipped today. Tracking IDs will be forwarded to customers tomorrow.
  • 07.March All parts are in the plant again and the final SSGs of batch#3 can be assembled. Shipping out will start again on the 12th of March.
  • 21.February Due to Chinese New Year the supply chain for the SSG24 parts got interrupted. Shipping out will start again by the mid of March.
  • 12.February 10% more got shipped
  • 07.February 5% more got shipped the past few days
  • 02.February 3% more got shipped the past few days
  • 30.January 4% more got shipped the past few days
  • 25.January 6% got shipped the past few days. Everything goes like planned currently and the entire batch should be shipped before the end of February.
  • 19.January 2 % more got shipped today
  • 17.January 2 % more got shipped today
  • 15.January 3% more got shipped today. Focus will be on shipping out the upcoming weeks. If everything goes like planned the entire batch#3 will be shipped out be the end of February 2018
  • 08.January  2% more got shipped today
  • 28.December 3 % more were shipped today. Tracking numbers will be forwarded to customers via mail tomorrow.
  • 20.December 5 % more got shipped the the past few days.
  • 13.December 3 % more got shipped today
  • 12.December All preordered left hand conversion kits were shipped out today. For those who receive them soon: There's a letter with a video guide inside the box. Watch the video before installing the kit.
  • 11.December 3 % more got shipped. The upcoming days - the focus will be on shipping out SSG24s with M90 springs installed. Also the left hand conversion kits passed customs and arrived at the logistic center in Austria. The kits will be shipped out tomorrow together with a video installation guide.
  • 07.December 3% more got shipped out. Tracking numbers will be forwarded to customers on Monday. I left Taiwan and I'm back in Austria. Left hand conversion kits arrived in Austria too. They should pass customs in the beginning of next week - then I will ship them out to the preorder customers.
  • 05.December 2% more got shipped today.
  • 04.December The German wholesale order was loaded onto the boat and already left the Taiwan harbour. Further guns were prepared today - shipping out of preordered SSG24 will start again tomorrow.
  • 01.December The german wholesale order is ready and will go on the boat on Monday. Next week further SSG24s will be shipped to the preorder customers
  • 28.November The rest of the M40A3 conversion kit preorderes were sent today. Now the product is in stock and can be shipped within 1-2 weeks after the order is placed. 40% of the german orderes were prepared today too.
  • 27.November 3 more percent got shipped to the preorder customers of today. For the upcoming days the focus will be preparing the guns for the germans. They will go on a boat and will leave the Taiwan by the beginning of next week. Once the guns arrive in Germany they will get the F license and will then be distributed to the customers who preordered from Germany.
  • 24.November 3 more percent got shipped today. The left hand conversion kits are finally finished and will be shipped to Austria very soon. Once they arrive I will distribute them to the preorder customers.
  • 23.November 3 more percent got shipped today. - Tracking numbers will be sent to customers soon.
  • 22.November 3 more percent got shipped today. Watch livestream here
  • 16.November One more percent got shipped. More guns got assembled today and packages were prepared. Shipping out will start again next week Wednesday. Focus will be on orange tip SSG24s. Unfortiunately the vendor for engraving the S and F on the left hand conversion kit could not fullfill the promised deadlines - which delays the finalizing of the left hand conversion kits to 28th of November.
  • 14.November 3 more percent got shipped today. Check out the livestream here. Today was quite busy and I didn't have time to livestream the secondary QC process. I will try to get it done tomorrow.
  • 13.November 3 more percent got shipped today. Tracking numbers will be forwarded to customers soon. I will do a secondary Quality Control livestream tomorrow on facebook and instagram, and will show the shipping process later on too.
  • 10.November 4 more percent got shipped today. The new triggerboxes arrived, passed QC and were assembled onto the SSG24s. Tracking IDs will be forwarded to the customers soon.
  • 09.November All M40A3 conversion kits that were purchased seperately got shipped today. Tracking IDs will be forwarded to the customers tomorrow. Check out livestram of batch#3 and M40A3 stock update
  • 04.November The new batch of triggerboxes is planned to arrive at the 13th of November. The triggerboxes will be assembled immediately onto the SSG24 receivers after they passed QC. Then batch#3 packing and shipping will be continued.
    The fps adjuster rings are ready now and in stock. For more info please have a look at the product description here.
    The left hand conversion kits are ready by the mid of November and will be then shipped to the logistic center in Austria. The ones that were ordered together with the SSG24 will be delivered inside the guncases.
  • 27.October 5 more percent are shipped. The tracking numbers will be sent to the customers  today. Now we have to wait for the new triggerbox batch to arrive at the plant. I booked my flight to Taiwan on Monday - Gonna spend a month over there to make sure everything goes streamlines and that the Quality Control  is done properly. I will keep you guys updated about it on my snapchat and instagram stories.
    The M40A3 conversion kits are ready now and are getting packaged. Date for shipping those out is the 10th of November.
  • 19.October The new batch of triggerbox housings didn't pass QC since some measurements exceeded the tolerances. All triggerbox housings were sent back to the vendor.
    The new batch of triggerboxes is scheduled to arrive in the beginning of November and will then be assembled onto the finished guns.
    I want to apologize to all customers for the delay. Please understand that I want to make sure that no gun gets shipped to the customer if it's not perfect.
    However 5 more percent can still be shipped the upcoming days since those have the triggerboxes from the previous batch installed that passed QC.
  • 12.October 2 more percent got shipped today - current model beeing shipped: SSG24 - M150 installed - black tip
  • 09.October The first 4% of batch #3 got shipped today and the tracking numbers are already forwarded to the customers via e-mail
  • 03.October The logistic center just confirmed to start shipping out by next week, since the last necessary parts arrived at the plant today
  • 29.September Here we go again. Batch 3 is nearly ready to be shipped out. With this list I will give you daily updates on what is happening with your order. The first guns are scheduled to be sent out mid next week.

Shipped out of Batch #2


  • 19.September Further parts arrived at the plant and are assembled into the main parts of the SSG24s of batch#3. If everything goes like planned the shipping should start in the beginning of October. Once shipping started it's going to progress a lot faster then on batch#2 since the logistic center hired new people and got two conveyor belts to speed everything up. More M40 stocks are getting milled out and are getting prepared for shipping out. Check out my latest snapchat / instagram to see how it's made. You can also see the video here
  • 15.September I'm in contact with the last 0,5 percent that hasn't gotten their SSGs for batch#2 yet due to wrong adresses, missunderstandings etc. The 100 pieces that were sent to Germany arrived and are now getting their F mark laserengraved to be then sent out to the customers who preordered in Germany.
    I'm currently doing QC on the last few SSGs and also on the parts that are already assembled of batch#3. Once we get the last few missing CNC parts the guns will be ready to be shipped out. New accessories like the enlarged bolt handle as well the left hand conversion kit are already getting manufactured. The first M40 stocks are finished with secondary CNC machining and will be shipped out to the customers soon. To see more behind the scenes stuff that's going on at the SSG24 plant please follow my snapchat, instagram stories.
  • 05.September 2 % more got shipped. The remaining 1% is guns that never got picked up by customers from the post office and got sent back - etc. Most parts of batch#3 are ready for assembly. Assembling will start soon.
  • 04.September Arrived in Taiwan to work on further projects and do QC. Check out video. 
  • 02.September Flying to Taiwan to have a look on the last few pending shipments. Will do some secondary QC and will make sure that the M40A3 stock milling is done clean. Will also test the first prototypes of the left hand conversion kits and the enlarged bolt handles.
  • 30.August 2 more percent got shipped including some American orders and all left Japanese orders
  • 21.August 3 more percent got shipped
  • 16.August 3 more percent got shipped. For American postal codes with the following number -7**** , 850** - 893**, 900** - 935** we switched to UPS shipping as we experienced problems with EMS. All shipping documents for those orders are currently in preparation and will be sent out soon.
  • 14.August  Preperation work for tomorrows shipment
  • 11.August 3 more percent got shipped today
  • 08.August Packing and preperation for the upcoming shipping. The CNC fixtures for the M40A3 stocks got finished today and everything is set to mill the M40A3 stocks out.
  • 07.August 3 more percent got shipped today
  • 03.August The last few testshippings finally passed the American customs. Now we have green light to ship out the last pending orders from the United states the upcoming days.
  • 01.August Further guns got prepared and are ready to get shipped the upcoming days. First parts of batch#3 are finished and ready for assembly.
  • 31.July Guncases arrived at the plant and 3 more percent got shipped out.
  • 28.July The guncases finally got released from Taiwan customs and will arrive at the plant tomorrow morning.
  • 25.July 1 more percent got shipped + assembling further SSG24s. Waiting for the new guncase supply to arrive at the plant to continue shipping out. Check out Video
  • 24.July 2 more percent got shipped. New guncase supply will arrive in the upcoming days.
  • 20.July 3 more percent got shipped today. Tracking numbers will be forwarded to the customers by the end of the day.
  • 18.July Assembling and packing preperations - Aftermarket bolthandle 3D design got changed slightly after getting some feedback from the community.
  • 17.July Assembling, packing shipping. 3 more % got shipped. Check out Video
  • 13.July Assembling and packing - check out video
  • 12.July Assembling and packing - new aftermarket bolt handle design is finished and will be published for feedback soon
  • 11.July Assembling and packing for the next shipment
  • 10.July 3 percent got shipped today - tracking numbers will be forwarded to the customers tomorrow.
  • 09.July Further guns of batch#2 got assembled. The first raw material for batch#3 arrived at the plant and will get machined as soon as all parts for batch#2 are finished.
  • 08.July Please check out my video update
  • 07.July The guncase supplier currently cannot deliver in time due to material supply problems. Therefore the last 20% of the needed guncases for batch #2 will be supplied to the SSG24 logistic center 10 days later then originally planned. The guncases will arrive on the 21st of July at the plant due to this delay. By then all SSG24s of batch #2 will be assembled and ready to get packed into the guncases. 3 more percent got shipped today. Tracking numbers will be forwarded to the customers on Monday next week,.
  • 06.July One of the sub suppliers couldn't deliver in time. The Thursday shipping is shifted to Friday. A few packages got prepared for tomorrows shipping already. Check out video
  • 04.July Shipping for thursday got prepared.
  • 03.July 3 more percent got shipped today.
  • 30.June The Assembly line workers have an entire weekend off since that wasn't the case since one month. The boss and his wife take care that the CNC machines keep running.
  • 29.June 2 more percent got shipped today.
  • 28.June Preperation for shipping + Development of accessories. Check out my snapchat video
  • 27.June 3 more percent got shipped today. After discussing with the production manager it's now clear that all guns from batch#2 will be shipped before the 19th of July. Check out snapchat video
  • 26.June A whole bunch of SSG24s got assembled today. Check out my snapchat video
  • 25.June All employees got a day off to relax and recover from those long working days. The boss and his wife are still at the plant making sure that all CNC machines are running to get all necessary parts made for tomorrows assembling.
  • 24.June New packages got prepared. Check out my snapchat
  • 23.June 4 More percent got shipped today - I did secondary quality control: Check out live video
  • 22.June Further preperations were done for  the shipment tomorrow.  M40A3 stock project is finalized - manufacturing will start soon. Left hand conversion kit was discussed today - first designs will be ready by the end of this week.
  • 21.June 1% more got shipped out today. Big shipment is shifted to Friday this week due to internal delays of Modify-tech. Meanwhile I had further meetings with Vegaforce company to discuss the manufacturing process and schedule of accessories for the SSG24.
  • 20.June Already arrived in Taiwan. I spent my day in the factory. We talked more about the accessories and the M40A3 stock- will start developing those project as long as they won't delay the shipment of the SSG-24. We also prepared the shipment for tomorrow morning. Check out video
  • 17.June I'm flying to Taiwan to do my monthly check. Check out video
  • 16.June 4 more percent got shipped today Check out updatevideoI'm flying over to Taiwan the day after tomorrow to help speed up shipping out.
  • 15.June Please watch this video Click me
  • 14.June Two more percent got shipped today. Big shipment for Friday is getting prepared.
  • 13.June Packing and preperation for tomorrows shipping. Check out pictures
  • 12.June Three more percent got shipped today, further guns got assembled.
  • 11.June The manufacturing crew worked shifts over the weekend. Waiting now for the post guy to pick up the newly prepared packages. Sending out tracking codes asap
  • 09.June Packing, Assembling and quality control
  • 08.June A full trunk of guns was shipped today Check out pictures
  • 07.June Preperations for the shipping tomorrow were done
  • 06.June Assembling, packing preparing to ship out until late in the night- just like every day  Check out pictures
  • 05.June 4 more percent of the second batch got shipped today.
  • 04.June More SSG24s got assembled and prepared to be shipped out. Taiwan Post doesn't work today - shipping out is tomorrow again.
  • 03.June 4 more percent of the second batch of SSG24s got shipped out today.
  • 02.June Due to limited capacity of Taiwan post the huge shipment got split into 4 shippings for the upcoming days. 4 more percent got shipped out today. Also further SSG24 got assembled. Check out pictures
  • 01.June Further preparations were done for the huge shipment upcoming Friday
  • 31.May 3% more guns got shipped. Huge shipment for upcoming Friday is rescheduled for Saturday - TaiwanPost doesn't have the capacities on Friday.
  • 30.May Taiwanese pubilc holiday: Dragonboat festival - CNC machines were manufacturing the last SSG24 silencer adapters.
  • 29.May 3% More guns got shipped. Further preparations were done for the huge shipment of upcoming Friday.
  • 28.May Assembling and packing of further SSG24s
  • 27.May Preparations were made for the huge shipments upcoming Friday.
  • 26.May 10% more guns got shipped today and the tracking numbers are sent to customers.
  • 25.May More packages got prepared for the big shipment on Friday
  • 24.May More packages got prepared for the big shipment on Friday check out video
  • 23. May Further guns got assembled and prepared for shipping. 3% more got shipped today check out pictures
  • 22.May 4% more got shipped today. 15% of the entire Batch#2 are shipped now. Next big shipment is still scheduled for the 26th of May. Those customers will receive the tracking numbers tomorrow.
  • 21.May Further guns got assembled. It's Sunday but what has to be done has to be done.
  • 20.May Batch #2 is sold out. Preorder of batch #3 started today. ETA of orders from batch #3 is early September 2017.  Further SSG24s from batch #2 got assembled today.
  • 19.May Further guns got assembled. Next big shipment is scheduled for the 26. May
  • 18.May More SSG24 got assembled and shipped. 11% of all orders got shipped and those customers received their tracking numbers already.
  • 17.May Day two of secondary quality control - done by me on every twentieth SSG24. Click here to check out video . First 8 % of the customers received their tracking numbers Click here to check out another video
  • 16.May The first 8% of the second batch are packaged and got shipped out to the customers who ordered inside the first 3 hours after the release. The following days more and more guns will get assembled and shipped out until the second batch is gone. Click here to check out video
  • 15.May Parts are getting assembled and the first SSG24 are ready to be shipped Click here to check out video
  • 14.May Magtops for the second batch are finished with secondary machining. Everything is ready to be assembled and shipped out Click here to check out
  • 13.May Punlishing the new design of Gen2 outer barrels Click here to check out video
  • 11.May Gen2 magtops got shipped out to the first 100 customers for free so that they can improve feeding capabilities of their SSG24 magazines.
  • 08.May Basic assembling of the SSG24s is in progress Click here to check out video
  • 06.May FPS test of SSG24 M190 Gen2 Click here to check out video
  • 05.May Arrived in Taiwan. Tomorrow I will go back to the factory to do the final checks
  • 15.April Field tested the Gen2 SSG24 magazines for 2 days of dirty dusty games - no issues with the new magtops. Minor issues with the old magtops Click to check out gameplay
  • 10. April Arrived in Taiwan to discuss changes from Gen1 to Gen2 magtops Click here to check out video 
  • 2. February Raw material for the second batch of SSG24 got ordered
  • 30. January First 100 SSG24 are sold - Preorder for second batch starts

Quality Control

Even after the gun passed the manufacturers’ and my secondary quality control, I still make sure that every single SSG24 goes through the following steps before it gets packaged and shipped out:

FPS Test

I want the SSG24 not just to be powerful but also consistent. Every gun gets measured with 0,2 g BBs to ensure the gun meets the specs that the customer selected. Several shots are fired to also test the consistency of the system.


Before the receiver gets assembled onto the stock, every single SSG24 has to pass the airseal test. A nanometer gets plugged into the end of the barrel – then the trigger is pulled. If the pressure stays the same for at least 15 seconds, it means that the gun is perfectly sealed. If it doesn’t, the entire SSG24 goes back to the quality control center.

Accuracy Test

Just because an airsoft sniper rifle looks nice on the inside and outside doesn’t mean that it also shoots accurately. The only way to test that is by shooting the gun. Every SSG24 gets shot with 0,4 g BBs at a distance of 40 meters, to ensure that the shots hit on the same spot over and over.

Pinky test

The real joy of using a bolt action sniper rifle comes not just from the accuracy but also from a perfectly smooth bolt pull. It must be possible to pull the bolt all the way back, by only using the pinky. Every SSG24 gets tested this way before it’s finally placed in the guncase.