We opened our new warehouse in the United states! It will prepare and send packages from Pensylvania to you, our USA customers.
This will improve the overall experience for you in many terms.

Lower shipping prices:

We used to ship from Europe and Asia to the United States. This was quite expensive. Now we ship from the US to the US which lowers the shipping costs for you a lot.

Faster shipping:

The distance from the Logistic center in Pensylvania to your doorstep is a lot smaller now. This means that that parcel can reach you much faster than before.

All prices in US$:

You can now pay in your trusted currency, US$. No unnecessary conversion rates and calculations needed.

No customs:

Since all products are already in Pennsylvania, you don’t have to worry about customs fees or import problem and delays.

Hassle free:

Ordering from has never been that easy. Just place your order and you will get the parcel hassle-free within a few days.

Your trust in our brand and the countless orders you placed at the European shop have shown us that we can go the extra mile and set up our second warehouse in the United States.
Thanks for your consistent support. Without your help, this would have never been possible.