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Holsters – we have developed our own universal polymer holster for all pistols. Just get it with the adapter for your specific pistol(s).
General Compatibility: SSE/SSP18 for Glock replicas. SSP1 for Hi-Capa replicas, SSX23 for similar NBB pistols.
Mounting – We offer options for both MOLLE and regular Belt mounting.



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How to choose an airsoft pistol holster?

Getting an improper holster for your airsoft gun can be a bit of a pain. That’s why you need to consider three things when buying:

  • Mounting it on MOLLE or a belt? Look for different mounts/clips.
  • Do you want to run attachments? Open airsoft pistol holster will work better for you.
  • Need to protect your pistol? Get a hard-shell holster if you don’t want to scratch or damage your secondary.

Running a NOVRITSCH pistol? Go with our universals!

If you need a holster for one of our airsoft pistols, get either the Universal Open Holster if you plan on using attachments or the Closed Universal Holster if you want an extra layer for protection when crawling through some bushes.

Sample Holster Setup:

Can I holster a pistol with a Suppressor – Flashlight – Red Dot?

Long story short: Yes!

But it's a tricky one! With most hardshell/Kydex pistol holsters, you are limited on attachments. Red Dots will generally work for as long as they are mounted in the back. Suppressors will only work if they are the same shape as the front part of your pistols. Flashlights mostly don’t fit.

If you want all attachments to fit easily, consider our Open Universal Holster! It uses a side mount, so you can even run it with a Carabine Kit! Just be aware that if you do a lot of crazy stuff, the pistol is exposed to the surroundings. Long story short, you might break something if you fall on it with your full weight.

What is the best belt holster for an airsoft gun?

You can fit all our holsters on your belt. The only thing that differs is the mount. Running a belt? We would suggest using the Belt Clip as it’s very compact. If you run a Battlebelt/MOLLE, stick with the new MOLLE Mount Gen2.

Are airsoft holsters compatible with MOLLE?

Yes! Similarly to the Belts, pick your favourite airsoft pistol holster solution, whether it’s the open one for replicas with attachments or the closed one for maximal pistol protection. Then just get the MOLLE Mount Gen2 to make it all fit well.