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Our own BBs went through excessive Quality Control:

Premium Bottles – Heavy airsoft sniper BBs
BB Bags – Lighter BBs for AEGs & Gas replicas
Tracer BBs – BBs that glow in the dark (Tracer Unit required)
Full Thrust BBs – Larger BBs (6,44 mm); only for suitable replicas.

BBs – Bags


BBs – Tracer


Airsoft BBs

Choosing the right airsoft BBs for each airsoft gun is crucial, as the optimal performance of the weapon depends on it. Good ammunition allows you to shoot farther and more accurately, and can therefore determine the outcome of the fight.

When choosing ammunition, you should pay attention to the weight of the BB and the specificities of your gun system. These are two key elements, but also take into account if it should be Biodegradable or even Tracer BBs depending on the environment you're playing at. Choosing the right fit will allow you to optimize your accuracy and speed.

What airsoft BB weight should I use for my replica?

Keep in mind that for all our gun systems we specify which BB should be used for it on the product page. Even so here are the general weight recommendations:

0.20g - 0.25g Bags: The lightest and cheapest BBs we have available, are intended for low-power replicas such as the SSE18. Don't be fooled by their weight, your opponents will still feel them.

0.28g - 0.32g Bags: Ideal all-around airsoft BB weight for AEGs. Ideal for medium-range engagement, they are able to stay in the air for longer and maintain their impact force. If you're running any AR/SMG platforms or even pistols such as the SSP18 & SSP1 these are the ideal size for you.

0.36g Premium BBs: BBs is the middle point between medium-weight AEG ammo and heavy BB sniper ammo. We recommend this size for the SSX23, able to deliver a silent but deadly strike.

0.40g - 0.46g Premium BBs: are at the top of their weight class. These are intended for sniping in their purest form. The high power delivered by the SSG and SSX303 systems is capable of lifting these BBs effortlessly and hitting targets at the other end of the airsoft field.

0.58g-0.62g FULL THRUST BBs: intended ONLY for the FULL THRUST system., these are the heaviest BBs you can find with their higher diameter and contribute to pushing the limits of airsoft.

Now, if you're playing in a dark indoor area or at night, opting for tracer BBs and adding a tracer at the end of your AEG can transform your game into a star wars laser battle, making it so much more fun. Just remember if you're going to be playing outside, get Bio BBs, let's not harm our playing environments.


Are airsoft BBs biodegradable?

Not all of them but you can choose the type yourself when buying your BBs on our website!

What are airsoft BBs made of?

BBs are made of polylactide (PLA), simply put, plastic. However, Bio BBs are made of plant-based plastics.

Are airsoft BBs bad for the environment?

If you're using non-Bio BBs, the answer is unfortunately yes. Therefore, we always recommend buying Bio BBs. The non-Bio BBs are only suitable for indoor CQB areas where the BBs can later be collected and recycled properly.

Are airsoft BBs reusable?

No! There are two main reasons for that. Firstly, the impact that the BB went through might have damaged it. This may result in the BB shattering inside your replica, damaging its internals. Secondly, even if the BB did not suffer any damage, it brings dust and debris into your barrel, which may result in jams and malfunctions.

Can a BB gun shoot Airsoft BBs?

No, airsoft BBs are 6mm whereas BB guns shoot 4.5mm BBs

How airsoft BBs are made?

The process is rather complex and contains some decent know-how. The best way to learn more is by watching this video: