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Airsoft slings allow for easy transitions from your rifle to your pistol and more comfortable transport. Swivels are the old classic attach mode of slings but QD slings are the real game-changer.
Attaching your sling on one or two points will depend on your gameplay and rifle.



How do I choose a proper sling?

A sturdy sling can really be helpful during longer games and when you play with two replicas. During transitions, it is more convenient to have your rifle attached to your body and have it ready when you need it again.

  • The simple Rifle Sling allows you to hang your rifle the way it is more convenient for you and it is not going to make any unnecessary noises made by too many buckles.
  • The QD Sling is extremely practical thanks to the button-styled attachment points. If you have an M4-styled replica (or any other with a QD mount), definitely grab this one.

The QD slings are universal and allow you to find the best setting for you. You can choose between a 1-point sling configuration for CQBs and fast paced games or a 2-point sling configuration for longer milsims when you need to carry your rifle for a longer time and want to have your hands free.

What is a QD mounting system?

The QD - Quick Disconnect - mounting system consists of two parts, a push button swivel and a QD socket. To connect, simply press the button to push the pin into the corresponding socket and to remove it, simply push the button and pull the swivel.

With the QD attachment system it's a matter of seconds to convert from one to another style, or switching it completely to another rifle.