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Muzzle devices look cool!

Suppressors & Flash Hiders – different sizes and shapes for both functionality and aesthetics.
Amplifiers – a stylish addition that amplifies the sound of your shots.
Tracers – lights up your BBs for a cool night gameplay and to follow your shots in the dark.
Adapters – to fit the muzzle device on your specific replica.
Suppressor Foam – to achieve superior acoustic suppression.



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Muzzle DevicesAdapters

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Do Airsoft Suppressors work?

Our experience with sniping has made us realize the importance of suppressors when playing airsoft. All the suppressors available on the website contain acoustic foam used in music studios to absorb the sound of your replica firing.

Suppressors work especially well on NBB and Spring replicas like the SSX303, SSX23 & SSG10You can keep firing from your concealed position without being given away by the sound of your shots. 

You can read more about suppressors in our dedicated blog post: "Are airsoft suppressors just for show?"

What airsoft suppressor should I use?

We offer different types of suppressors for all your needs. 

The Novritsch Suppressor is our standard suppressor for sniper rifles and has the highest noise-cancelling properties.

The Modular Suppressors V1 & V2 can be assembled to 3 different lengths depending on your preference and your type of gun. Between the V1 & V2, it’s just a question of style.

The Fast Attach suppressor is our most versatile suppressor, as you can add/remove it within a few seconds without ever removing your flash hider. Adapt to the field on the go!

What is an Airsoft tracer?

Tracer units are muzzle devices for your airsoft replica that allow special Tracer BBs to glow brightly when you're shooting. While it is not really visible during the daytime, using tracer units in buildings or at night makes a great difference.

While playing with low luminosity, you can easily track your BBs and adjust your aim without even using your optic. Plus, they're just so much fun to use; your games start looking like star wars battles.

Some tracer units like the Blaster Tracer Unit even flash brightly in front, simulating real-steel muzzle flash. Quite intimidating when you're on the receiving end.

Why would I use an airsoft amplifier?

Amplifiers come on the other end of the scope than suppressors. Not only do they look sick, but they also considerably amplify the sound of each of your shots. Why would you want that?

Well, if you’re not going for the optional stealth approach and rely on your movement and skills, amplifiers actually become useful. Players are much more likely to take cover and hide when they hear your shots giving you a window of time to advance or to relocate to a new position.