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A must-have for any airsoft electric replicas, LiPo batteries allow for much easier and carefree use than gas or CO2-powered replicas. They are easy to recharge with the proper charger and can last you a long time!

We also offer regular CR2032, AAA and more batteries to power your accessories and gear such as communications and illuminated scopes/red dots.

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LiPo or NIMH: which battery type is better?

LiPo batteries are the current technology standard. They are compact and offer more than enough capacity to last an entire game day. You can also find an older NiMH battery, they will also work but are generally larger and heavier than the aforementioned LiPos.  You can read our full battery guide.

Capacity [stated in mAh]

The capacity, expressed in milliampere-hours, is the amount of energy that the battery can store. The higher the capacity, the greater the autonomy of the replica. When going full-auto most of the time, you should have at least 2000 mAh worth of battery capacity at your disposal for a day of airsoft.

Voltage [V]

Most of the time, the voltages of airsoft batteries range from 7,4 to 11,1 Volts. The battery’s voltage determines how quickly the battery can spin the motor. The higher the battery’s voltage, the higher the number of revolutions per minute (RPM).

For guns under 1 Joule in muzzle energy, we recommend using 7,4 V. For others, 11,1 V will suit you better.

Number of cells [1S – 3S]

This property expands on Voltage. The more cells you have, the greater the voltage. The common LiPo voltage is around 3,7 volts per cell, meaning a 7,4 V battery will have 2 cells (2S), whereas an 11,1 V battery will have 3S.

LiPo Safety

Make sure to keep them in a LiPo bag to avoid any incident with them and to protect your belongings from them. Read more about safety here!


The last thing you should keep in mind when purchasing a LiPo is the connectors. With the most modern-day replicas, you already get an improved T-Dean connector preinstalled. This also goes for Novritsch AEGs, such as the SSR4 and SSR90. The easiest is to stick with these connectors.

When compared to the old Tamiya Mini standard, they offer better conductivity, less resistance and are more durable in general.