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All the useful hardware for (not only) airsoft video recording.

Runcam Scopecam – to record what you’re shooting at
SJCAM SJ8 Plus – a cool action camera to record where you’re going
Plus all the accessories to attach cameras to your airsoft guns and run them

What should your gun camera setup include?

Recording an airsoft video can be done with a regular action camera on a head strap. But that won't make up for a very good video. That's why we usually run with at least 3 cameras, sometimes 4.

Besides cameras, we also recommend getting the following:

  • Mounts to firmly attach cameras to your rifle/gun.
  • Power banks - this way, you don't always need to check your battery levels. We recommend getting a compact and small power bank to keep your gear low-profile.
  • SD Cards - better get more and larger in capacity. Trust us; we went through a lot of frustration with missing footage due to low memory capacity.
  • Lens protectors - especially for CQB, as it's cheaper to buy a new protector than to buy a new camera...

What airsoft scope camera to use?

For a long time now, we have been using RunCams. And in our opinion, they are the best option out there. Out of the box, you get a Picatinny rail mount - meaning you can put these on almost any gun. And if not, there sure is an adapter available.

Secondly, these Runcams offer multiple Lens lengths. These act as a 'natural zoom', meaning you can get nice distance footage without corrupting image quality. But you can also get a fairly wide 16 mm lens to capture great CQB action.

And lastly, they are simple to control in the field and durable. One button to both turn the camera on and start recording. Priceless when you need to get your airsoft content nice and ready.

What airsoft gun cameras/POV cameras should you choose?

For these kinds of cameras, we either use regular GoPros or the SJCAMs you can find in our shop. They offer good quality and angle that allows you to see the entire field. This gives the videos a great base view that you then combine with scope cam footage.

Head cameras are then ideally mounted on a helmet. This goes well if you need to hook it up with a power bank.