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Novritsch Airsoft Pistols are designed so that you can outplay even an AEG with them. Choose based on your playstyle:

The SSP18 – Full Auto, G-Series pistol. Great for pistol-only airsoft!
The SSX23 – A sniper’s sidearm. Non-BlowBack, stealthy. Great range.
The SSP1 – A heavier, hard-kicking pistol. Superb BlowBack action.
The SSE18 – Electric pistol – winter doesn’t affect it. Full Auto included.

SSP18 System (67)

SSP18 System

An aggressive airsoft pistol that has the most fun per second. The gas-powered operation gives it realism, while the fixed barrel adds accuracy. This gun is favored by many for a good reason. Great with Tracers! #FullAuto #Realistic #Customizable
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The SSP1 System (63)

The SSP1 System

Considered a true workhorse. Made to last. This gas airsoft pistol isn’t gonna break down on you. It’s also heavier, giving it an excellent Blowback kick! Exceptionally fun to shoot. #Sturdy #Kicking #Enjoyable
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The SSX23 System (63)

The SSX23 System

The backup for snipers. With no compromise, this gun is made for efficiency. Non-blowback action makes it both extremely efficient and accurate. Combine it with a suppressor for a quiet & deadly action. #Accurate #Silent #Efficient
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The SSE18 System (50)

The SSE18 System

An AEP - short for automatic electric pistol. It is full auto, limited to 1J, has a fixed slide, and runs with a lipo battery. Electric Pistols have one big advantage over Gas Blowback Pistols: they work no matter what. #Quiet #Reliable #Customizable #Efficient
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