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A rifle can make or break your entire airsoft experience. You must be able to rely on the rifle you buy. The great thing about Novritsch rifles is that they are pre-upgraded and versatile – you can easily use them in both CQBs and outdoors. Optimal one-for-all solution!

The SSX303 System (96)

The SSX303 System

makes you a Stealth Marksman. This Carabine allows you to outplay snipers with its precision. Thanks to a CNC aluminum body and a minimalist design, it is also super-lightweight. Definitely get a suppressor to take out enemies quietly. #PureAirsoft #Accurate #Stealthy #Lightweight
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The SSR15 System (74)

The SSR15 System

is an ideal Airsoft Electric Rifle for most airsofters’ needs. It provides performance suitable for any airsoft game, both Indoor and Outdoor. Slick and modern design gives it a ton of build options. Add whatever attachment you need! #Versatile #User-friendly #Customizable
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The SSR90 System (42)

The SSR90 System

gives you everything you expect from an AEG in a compact package. Licenced by FN Herstal, this FN P90 variant is the dream of all Star Gate/CS:GO fans. Make sure to put in a LiPo battery to get an unbeatable fire rate. Precision and attachment options for the win! #FireRate #RushB #CQBfriendly
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