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All the items you will need to maintain and work on your airsoft replicas.

Maintenance Kit Gen2 – Your everyday kit for maintaining any airsoft replica.
Disassembly Kit – Contains all you need to disassemble airsoft guns.
Tech mats – Keeps all your maintenance super organized.
M4/ AR15 Castle Nut Tool – A tool specific for the SSR15 and other AR15-styled replicas.
Airsoft Card Multitool – A wallet-sized multitool card designed for Airsoft.

Is it necessary to maintain my replicas?

Maintaining your replicas is necessary if you want them to perform for a long time!

All guns need it (not just airsoft replicas), and when you do it properly, you can expect the best performance. With airsoft guns, it's fortunately simple. The key is to know how and when to clean your barrel. You can also go beyond and start teching your replicas, but it's not necessary.

Besides cleaning your barrel, if you own a gas pistol, you might want to know about cleaning and lubing it. If you want to go beyond that and upgrade, make sure you know what you're doing.

The compact case keeps all your Maintenance tools secure and organized. The same goes for the Disassembly Kit, which contains more than 100 tools perfect for teching and repair. Moreover, the extra storage allows you to store some extra screws if needed on the field.

Another handy thing is the rubber Tech Mat. These are perfect for keeping the teching organized. Thanks to the small magnetic and lid compartments, no more screws are rolling off your table.

How do I maintain my replicas?

There are a few important maintenance works that will probably be done regularly.

Clean the barrel

This is the main thing to do to every airsoft gun. Use Cellulose wipes that don't leave any fibers behind in combination with a bit of rubbing alcohol. You can find all these things in our Maintenance Kit. You can put the nylon slotted tips with an unjamming tool head, and the
cotton mop brushes on the collapsible cleaning rod to polish the barrel. Gently spin the rod while moving it down the barrel, and you‘re good to go.

Keep your gas guns lubed

From time to time, it's a good idea to clean and lube your gas guns. Use the silicone grease for gears and metal moving parts, the thin silicone oil for slow-moving rubber parts and the thick silicone oil for static parts, for instance, pistons. You can also find all these things in our Maintenance kit.

Important tip No 1: Never use oils such as WD40! These can wear off your rubber seals and damage your guns.

Important tip No 2: Don't let the grease enter your barrel and Hop-Up. It will mess up your accuracy!