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All Novritsch Airsoft Sniper Rifles are developed by experienced Airsoft Techs. No more upgrades are needed. There are 3 systems:

The SSG10 – a #1 sold rifle with multiple stock variants. Has something for every sniper.
The SSG96 – an upgraded popular platform. Now sturdier a more reliable.
The SSG24 – First Novritsch Airsoft sniper platform. Here are all the parts you might need.

The SSG10 System (93)

The SSG10 System

is simply our most sold airsoft gun. You can choose between the A1 (Best bang for your buck), A2 (Classic sniper rifle with no compromise) and A3 (The pinnacle of efficiency) #Precise #Durable #Customizable
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The SSG96 System (58)

The SSG96 System

is a variant of the loved L96 airsoft sniper rifle. However, it’s significantly improved. The rifle is heavier with precision sniper inner parts and an improved Stock. Reinforced with nylon and with a Cheek Rest, this is the classic. #L96 #Improved #Reliable #Precise
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The SSG24 System (74)

The SSG24 System

is nostalgically referred to as the “Mother of all snipers”. It has everything you would expect from a quality airsoft sniper although we are focusing more on the newer SSG10 and the SSG96.
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