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Gas blowback airsoft replicas and not just those often use gas or CO2 for their operation. To sum them up for you:

Airsoft Gas: Gas mixed with silicone that offers multiple power levels (Black, Red, Green, Blue). Easy to refill but a bit less powerful.
CO2: Sold in 12g cartridges. Reliable and strong, great even for winter temperatures.

Green Gas or CO2: which to use for airsoft?

Airsoft green gas offers more options regarding power and gas characteristics such as the amount of silicone in it.
Ideal for Gas blowback airsoft pistols, it is practical to quickly fill your mags in between games it is the simplest solution for airsoft players.

CO2 for your blowback pistols, while a bit less practical to quickly recharge your gun, it offers that extra kick in power that will make sure your gun will work in winter and very cold conditions reliably. 

Main features of Airsoft Gas:

The great thing about green gas is that it contains silicone oil which keeps the rubber and silicone parts of your gun slightly lubricated to maintain the seal.

To use the gas effectively, you should know how to use the right gas for the right gun at the right temperatures with the right BBs. Only then you can be sure that your gun functions properly and that it does not get damaged because of too high pressure

You need to take into account the following power characteristics of each:


Great gas for hot summer days and weak gas airsoft guns. These come with a pressure of around 115 psi. Too weak for cold days or heavy metal slide pistols. Great if you need to keep the power down for CQB.


If you don't know which Gas to get, get the Green Gas! It's the standard Airsoft Gas (around 145 psi) that performs very well year-round while keeping your gas gun safe. In cold winter temperatures, we recommend going with higher pressure if your replica can handle it.


A year-round gas for durable replicas! These can already find good use in winter airsoft games. Suitable for a wide range of airsoft pistols and rifles. Not suitable for very cold winter temperatures or replicas with plastic slides (TM).


With double the pressure of Blue gas, the Black gas packs a punch. Suitable for winter use with high-end gas blowback airsoft pistols (and rifles). The only issue here is that improper usage may result in damage to pistols, rifles, grenades, and magazines. Make sure your replica can handle the pressure before using it.  Also, be aware that higher pressure means higher FPS and Joules.


CO2 is the solution that offers the largest pressure. The high pressure ensures smooth gun functionality and higher performance in both warm and cold environments. However, in the long run, CO2 will add extra wear and tear on your gun making you need to maintain it more often.

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