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Novritsch Ghillie Attachment helps you adjust it to your local environment. Our ex-military experts colour-corrected all attachments.

Artificial Leaves: Perfect to adapt to your environment. Multiple colours you can mix.
Raffia Camo: Helps you break up your silhouette and mask subtle movement.
Screen Camo Set: Light fabric for you to get creative with 3D effects.
3D Leaves: Perfect finish for replica covers.

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Why would I need camo accessories?

Adding extra stuff to your Ghillie Suit helps to achieve invisibility. The reason is that these allow you to fine-tune your suit to the very environment you'll be playing in. As no camouflage can perfectly match everywhere, with changing seasons and colours you need variable adjustments. Easy to use and redo.

Basic Characteristics of a good suit

  • Proper colors with UV resistance
  • A system that adapts to the season
  • A mix of leaves and grasses (Raffia)
  • As silent as possible when moving

What types of artificial camouflage are there?

Artificial Leaves:

Our ultra realistic Camouflage Leaves have detailed veins and are not shiny, which makes it impossible to distinguish them from real leaves when you‘re out there. These serve as the base for fine-tuning, thanks to the many available colors and shapes.
The 3D effect is possible because the pin acts as a base and elevates the leaf, which breaks your silhouette and masks your movements.
You can also throw in some of our 3D Leaves for additional camouflage. They are pre-sewn to create a crumbled 3D leaf effect. You can glue them, sew them, cut them and get creative!

Raffia and Burlap Camo:

The raffia adds a grassy effect and is perfect as a finishing touch to the camouflage of your suit. It is very tough and you can easily attach it to your suits or replicas. The burlap is also a very good way to perfect your camouflage with less bright colors.

Screen Camo and Camouflage Scarf:

The Screen Camo is a very light fabric that you can cut and adapt to your liking and get really creative with it. And the Mesh Scarf is also adaptable, either worn as a lightweight scarf or a gun cover.
You can read about Ghillie crafting on our blog.

What colors should I use?

The perfectly color-corrected patterns imitate the shades of nature. They make you adapt to the environment and merge with nature. Discover our 4 different color schemes to match YOUR surroundings:

  • Carob and Peat - A brownish color perfect for dead environments at the end of fall or the beginning of winter.
  • Sienna, Rust and Bronze - A blend of browns, deep reds and oranges perfect for fall.
  • Lime, Cider and Wood - A green and yellowish blend perfect for the beginning of fall.
  • Fern, Emerald, Pine and Oak Green - A bright green with details perfect for summer.

How do you attach the accessories?

We created a new Quick Pin Attachment System that allows you to attach any leaf very easily to your suit.

First, you take the pin that comes with the leaves. Then, you push this pin through your mesh Ghillie Suit. And lastly, you secure the artificial leaf safe and sound with the pin. And since most of the suits on the market are mesh-based, it shouldn't be a problem to attach our leaves to any of them.

Thanks to this system, it is very convenient, easy and quick to change the colored leaves. This allows you to adapt your suit to the field and greenery you are playing at beforehand or even at the field before the game starts.

Your perfect camouflage set should consist of around 200 leaves for a jacket if you want a very dense camouflage. In every box of leaves you get, there is a bag of pins. For the raffia and burlap camo sets, you can knot the strings around the leaves or any hood on your suit.