Airsoft Red Dots

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What's the best airsoft red dot sight?

If you are choosing the best Red Dot option for your airsoft replica, you have several options. When it comes to quality, they are fairly similar and interchangeable. For that reason, it mostly comes down to the gun you want to use it with and the design you like as Red Dots often finish the look of a rifle.

  • If you want a pistol-compatible red dot, definitely check out any of the Micro Red dots. Having a compact solution works the best in those cases.
  • For CQB builds, relatively open and compact Red Dots such as the V3 or the V4 generally work the best for this application. Keeping a wide sight picture allows you to retain maximal situational awareness. Moreover, the Red Dot V3 has 11 levels of brightness for any condition.
  • If you want a bulkier look for larger, tacticool builds, check out the V2, V5 or V6 Red Dots. They all look great on woodland builds. Especially the Red Dot V2 version which pairs up with the 3X Magnifier to provide a switchable

How do red dot sights work?

The inner workings of a Red Dot sight are based on two important components. Such a sight has a light source (LED or laser) and a reflective glass. The light then reflects from the glass into your eye, allowing you to see the reticle against a target.

The great thing about this solution is you can have your eyes offset a bit while still being on the target. That doesn't work for Iron sights and is one of the key reasons for fast aiming with a red dot. 

How to sight in a red dot/scope?

Sighting a Red Dot is very similar to sighting a regular sniper scope. In most cases, you have to use an Allen key to adjust both the vertical and the horizontal screw. The process can be done quite quickly when you get used to it.

Make sure to check out the video guide for sighting in scope to get a better understanding of this: