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What to consider when buying an airsoft scope?

You need to ask yourself on what platform you are gonna use the scope: an AEG or a Sniper Rifle. What kind of field do you play most on? If you play on an indoor field with an AEG, a scope doesn't make much sense. If you mostly play outdoors, then Scope makes sense even on an AEG. But everything has its limits. In most airsoft cases, more than 4x magnification doesn't make much sense other than spotting or tracking your BBs.

Why buy an Airsoft Scope?

If you use a sniper rifle, scope is a must so you can track your BBs in flight and correct the holdovers. Having a magnification that scopes provide is also great for target identification and spotting enemies at a distance in detail.

Airsoft Scope for a Casual Airsofter

For those mostly going just casual games, it is important to get an airsoft scope that is fairly priced, reliable and easy to use. NOVRITSCH 1-4x Variable Scope (LPVO), especially is a great for both casual airsofters and hardcore players.

Beginner TIP

If you are starting out with airsoft you should consider getting a red dot before getting a scope if you're using AEG Replica.

What to consider when buying an airsoft Scope?

If you are looking to buy an airsoft scope, you should keep in mind that they are not created equal. And your game experience may differ widely based on the scope you pick. Here are basic things to consider.

    • Types of Scope: having a huge impact on your experience, you should consider the right one for you:
      • LPVO - Low Power Variable Optic aka LPVOs are generally the best option for airsoft offering enough magnification for most airsoft engagements. Also, they are lightweight compared to the high-power sniper scopes.
      • HPVO - High Power Variable Optics aka HPVOs are a great choice for sniper rifle replicas thanks to their unmatch magnification range. They are not ideal for AEG and they can get big and bulky.
      • Prism - Aka Fixed powered scopes, think of the ACOG scope. They still have their place in airsoft. They are more lightweight than any other of these three types. They generally have clearer glass, and they are rugged & easy to use. But they have their downsides as well like super short eye relief so they might be unpractical to use on some other replicas that are not M4 style.
    • Budget: no money = no scope. Simple. The more money you are willing to invest, the more features you generally get. However, don't pick up the cheapest fixed power scope for your first optic. You won't have a great time with it simply because the glass clarity will not be great so your ability to track BBs will be gone, also it will either be not enough magnification or way too much to use comfortably during airsoft game.
    • Accessory options: trust us when we tell you that eventually, everyone wants to do accessories. It's fun and you get to customize your airsoft scope. Make sure to get one that allows that. All of our scopes have the ability to add kill flash to protect you against incoming BBs and remove scope glint. Another accessory we offer is called a scope extender that also helps remove reflections of the scope lens you can combine both of them to achieve zero scope glint.

Common Questions: Buying an Airsoft Scope