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Airsoft Speedloaders, grenades, rubber knives and other useful gadgets in one place. Explore these to spice up your airsoft experience.

Airsoft Grenades & Gadgets

Airsoft isn't limited to just replicas, green gas, and BBs. What makes airsoft unique compared to other sports like paintball and laser tag, is the realism and the diversity of equipment that is comprised in the sport. That's why we have gathered some cool airsoft gadgets we ourselves like to use!

Airsoft Grenades

There are three common types of airsoft grenades, outside of pyrotechnic grenades, that you can use in regular airsoft games. If you are interested in those, definitely check out our more in-depth Airsoft Grenade overview.

The first common type is the Gas Grenade, easy to refill with your standard green gas and BBs, it releases a storm of BBs around the impact site. They are also the most accepted grenades depending on the field's rules.

The airsoft Sound Grenade can also be seen on the fields. These do not necessarily throw BBs unless you decide to add them but instead deliver a loud bang. Filling them with gas and a new blast cap, it is a quickly rechargeable and reliable grenade that comes in a compact format.

Finally, the Mechanical Grenade comes as a less impressive and less robust, yet viable solution for you to take on the field. It is cheap, doesn't need any gas as it works solely on spring power and is still capable of delivering BBs in a wide radius around it.


Spice up your airsoft game with airsoft gadgets and make your games twice the fun. Sneak up on your enemies with a Rubber Knife. Handcuff your captured prisoners and make them hostages. This is one of the many possibilities that airsoft offers you.

By the way, one extra gadget tip is having a Chair in the safe zone. Trust us, you will use it. And there is more. Airsoft gadgets are here to make your life simpler and to make you stand out amongst the crowd.