SSP1 Shipment status

This site is created for those who can't wait to receive their SSP1.
The SSP1 is still on preorder and new orders will get sent from the US like described in detail below.


BATCH / Order NumberStatus
Until order #132149Batch #1-5: Sold out and Shipped (If you didn't get a tracking code I need your age verification. Please contact me via the contact form)
Orders #132150-137740 placed at Novritsch US Shop Batch#6: Sold out -  ETA September 2019
New Orders from #137741 placed at Novritsch US ShopBatch#7: currently on Preorder ETA December 2019


  • 18. November Documentation for customs was forwarded already to speed up release of the shipment when the boat arrives.
  • 28. October We expect the ship to arrive to NY on 30th of November.
  • 21. October The cargo ship left Taiwan and is on the way to the US now.
  • 09. October The cargo is currently getting loaded.
  • 03. October The SSP1 will leave Taiwan via cargo ship on 10th of October and will arrive to the US in the last days of November.
  • 30. September The goods will get picked up from the factory within the next three days. We might be able to receive the SSP1 earlier than expected. We will keep you updated!
  • 26. September Production of Batch # 7 was finished and is already getting packed in Taiwan.
  • 17. September We shipped most SSP1s of Batch #6 already. For orders combined with the SSG24, we are still waiting for the rifles to arrive.
  • 09. September We started shipping SSP1s today. There are a lot of packages to get prepared and we are doing our best to send as many orders as possible. 
  • 06. September The SSP1 Batch #6 shipment arrived to our warehouse in Pennsylvania yesterday. We are currently doing quality control and will start shipping out on Monday! Please give us some time to fullfil all orders. Orders should arrive in September as promised!
  • 02. September The shipment of Batch #6 passed customs today and should arrive to the warehouse within the next 3 days.
  • 26. August The ship is expected to arrive to NY within the next days and cargo will then move via rail to Pennsylvania.
  • 14. August We are already preparing documents for customs to do clearance as fast as possible, when the goods arrive.
  • 09. August Batch #6 with ETA September 2019 is sold out and Batch #7 with ETA December 2019 was opened.
  • 05. August The ship is currently crossing the ocean to the US.
  • 01. August Shipment is still on track. We are already preparing the accessories, to have everything in stock as soon as your SSP1 arrives.
  • 23. July The new SSG24 batch is on the cargo ship and on the way to NY harbour.
  • 19. July The warehouse sent out 99 % of pending orders. Batch #6 Preorder SSP1 were picked up from the factory and the ship will arrive to the US coast on 31st of August
  • 10. July A lot of orders were already sent out, however, due to the high number of orders, we are facing delays in working on all the preparing packages. We will open a second packing station on Monday in order to speed things up.
  • 28. June We started to transfer SSP1 preorders for packing now. The big shipping wave is starting!
  • 26 June Great News! The SSP1 delivery already arrived and we are now going through quality control and unpacking. We expect to start shipping orders on Friday already! Please have a look at the schedule above.
  • 24. June The SSP1 is on the last miles to the warehouse and we are expecting it to arrive within the next two days. We are already preparing for shipping out.
  • 11. June Getting the transport permit in Germany is taking much longer than expected. Once again we are very disappointed by the speed of authorities regarding the treatment of airsoft guns. With the current experience we gathered so far with German officials we are convinced that using the quantities that are arriving on the 23rd of June to New York, will be faster. We know how it feels to wait long for something that you really want to have, so we decided to include a free rubber knife ( with every SSP1 preorder placed at until #130570, so you can enjoy playing even more when you finally get it.
  • 09. June We are currently planning the logistics of shipping the SSP1 batches in the US, to keep it fair for everybody. We will publish a detailed update latest on Wednesday!
  • 27. May On Friday we should get the permit to transport the SSP1 to Austria finally!  From there we will distribute to our US warehouse.
  • 23. May Finally we have good news! The SSP1 left customs! We are now organizing the transport to Austria, which needs to be done by a special company as the Germans classify airsoft weapons as real weapons if they do not have a certain marking.
  • 20. May The SSP1 for Batch #4 is still in customs examination.
  • 16. May We are still waiting for the response of Mr. R at customs inspections. Batch #5 will arrive in the US on approx. 23rd of June. So for everybody waiting for Batch #4, we would ship your orders with the SSP1 of Batch #5.
  • 13. May Today we finally got a processing number at customs and a proper person to speak to. The destiny of our SSP1 is in the hands of Mr. R. at customs inspections in Hamburg/Germany. We hope to talk to him tomorrow.
  • 09. May We are in touch with an expert to release goods from customs in Hamburg. Hopefully, we will get an update soon.
  • 06. May The sea freight for SSP1 Batch#4 is still blocked in customs in Hamburg. Currently, a sample is getting inspected to proof it is an airsoft weapon and not a real pistol. Should we not be able to get those goods released, we will fulfil those orders with additional quantities of Batch #5.
  • 30. April Last week we concentrated on shipping US orders from Batch #3 and early Batch #4 orders. Those packages arrived in the US today and will go through customs within the next days.
  • 23. April We started packing US SSP1 orders from Batch#4 today. Those orders were changed to status "preparing package".
  • 15. April Good news: Update for the US packages that are on completed but where the tracking ID is not working yet: The SSP1s are waiting for USPS to pick up the prepacked packages that passed customs successfully. Your tracking ID should start working today or tomorrow. Here is a picture of the waiting packages:
  • Announcement of delay for SSP1 Orders placed at Unfortunately, due to the container still stuck in Hamburg/Germany, we cannot fulfil the orders in time. We are sending another shipment from Taiwan directly to the US. However, the cargo will not arrive until end of May. We will send out a detailed update email today and are very sorry for the additional delivery time. You can find more information about the shipment in this video:
  • 01. April The SSP1 shipment of Batch #4 is still in customs in Hamburg/Germany. We are waiting for the release and as it is taking longer than expected, we have to adjust our shipping schedule towards mid/end of April. The shipping team already prepared everything to ensure smooth shipping, as soon as the pistols arrive.
  • 26. March The orders going to the US of Batch #3 that were prepared for bulk importing passed customs yesterday. Your tracking IDs should start working within the next three days.
  • 18. March Orders of Batch #4 started to get packed. The US orders will get bulk imported again.
  • 07. March The orders going to the US have been packed on a pallet and will get bulk-imported. You will receive a tracking ID as soon as they pass customs. This might take up to two weeks. You will find updates on the process here. Most other orders are already on the way. Please make sure you already sent your verification to us. Otherwise, your SSP1 cannot get sent out.
  • 28. February 50 % of Batch#3 got shipped. The packages for the US are getting prepared for shipping now.
  • 25. February 35 % of Batch#3 already got shipped. The logistics team started to also prepare packages for the USA now.
  • 18. February Shipping of Batch #3 orders continues today. Currently, orders from the EU are getting processed.
  • 15. February The first packages of Batch #3 are already on the way - Two weeks earlier than expected! We started shipping yesterday. Please keep in mind that a big amount of orders needs to get processed and this will take some time. Please make sure you verified your age so we can send your order as soon as possible.
  • 11. February Batch #3 was already imported to Austria and we are waiting for the arrival of the goods to start with quality control.
  • 06. February Batch #3 should arrive at our warehouse in Austria next week. Batch #4  was loaded on the cargo ship and is on the way to Europe.
  • 28. January 90 % of Batch #2 orders got shipped by now. Batch #3 is currently on the way to Austria and the ship should arrive to Europe mid of February.
  • 11.December 50% more got shipped the past days. By the end of this week all SSP1s from Batch#2 are shipped. Excluding the ones, we didn't get Age Verification yet and Ukara for the United Kingdom and NABV for the Netherlands.
  • 2.December 35% of batch#2 is shipped. This includes the American orders that were prepacked and loaded onto pallets. Once the palette passed US customs we will inform Us customers on this page. As soon as the packages are dropped of the USPS station, your tracking ID will go live. Right now European orders are beeing prepared and shipped. Within the upcoming week all SSP1s of batch#2 will be shipped out. Batch#3 is in production just like planned and might be finished slightly ahead of schedule. More infos will come soon.
  • 26.November Batch#2 arrived at our logistic center in Austria. I will do the third quality control run on them tomorrow. Then we will start shipping out right away. American orders will be packed first. The finished packages will go on a pallet to our logistic partner in Pennsylvania again to be then dropped off at a USPS station. The tracking ID will then go live and will be forwareded to US customers via mail. Right after the palett leaves the Austrian Logistic center the European and Asian orders will be dispatched and sent directly to the customers. Tracking ID for non-US customers will be forwarded in about a week from now.
  • 21.November The cargo ship docked on the harbor yesterday and the container is loaded on the truck tomorrow. It is just a matter of days until the container of SSP-1s will arrive at the Novritsch Logistic center in Austria. The pistols will be shipped right after I've finished my third Quality Control on the pistols. I want to ensure that the shipping didn't do any damage to them. The SSP1 factory already started manufacturing of batch#3. More infos will follow.
  • 07.November The cargo ship link is not valid anymore, since the tracking software currently doesn't work relaiable. However it is confirmed that the cargoship with batch#2 will arrive on the 14 of November in Europe. It will then go on a truck and to the logistic center in Vienna, from where the pistols will be distributed.
  • 17.October The SSP1s of batch#2 are already on the cargo ship since about two weeks.
  • 28.September USPS tracking codes of American orders are now active. Please check the tracking code Isent you via e-mail. Batch#2 is finished and ready to be picked up in Taiwan. More infos about the estimstated time of shipping out to customers will come soon.
  • 25.September US customs finally released the palettes! All SSP-1 orders from America will be dropped off the next USPS station by the 27th of September. Your tracking number will be activated and forwarded via mail to you then. The reason why US customs took forever - was them thinking that it was real firearms... even tho there was an orange tip on every single pistol. Now I know exactly which documents they need so these waiting times for US - SSP1 customers will not occur anymore in the future anymore.
  • 20.September The last few age verifications just got into the mailbox and we now shipped almost all SSP-1s.
  • 18.September The pallettes with all American orders are still stuck in US customs. It is very hard to communicate with US customs, but they just confirmed that it is just a question of days until the shipment gets released. I want to apologize once again for the long waiting time - as mentioned before I never expected this to take that long.
  • 12.September The frist SSP-1 spareparts are in stock now. Also preorder for Batch#3 just started. ETA for Batch#3 is early March 2019.
  • 11.September I received more age verifications and 5% more could be shipped. The pallet with the American orders is at customs for more than a week and should be released very soon. For the long waiting time of the American orders, I have to apologize. I didn't expect American customs to need that much time. The remaining 5% who are not Americans and who did not receive the tracking ID yet. That's most likely because I didn't receive your age verification yet. Please check your mail one more time and then contact me through the contact form.
  • 06.September 36% were shipped the past days.
  • 03.September 9% more got shipped today. Spare parts, including magazine valves, are on the way to Austria too and will go in stock very soon.
  • 31.August 4% more got shipped today.
  • 30.August All orders of American customers got picked up today. The palettes will go on the plane and will arrive in Pennsylvania in a few days. Then it will be instantly dropped off, at the next USPS station. Once that happens the tracking codes, that are already on the packages, will be active and I will forward them to US-customers via e-mail. It's 11:00 while I'm writing this and I will now go back to preparing more packages.
  • 28.August Today I prepared more USA orders. The pallet will be sent to the Pennsylvania Logistic center on Thursday lunchtime - just like scheduled. After the pickup, I will start sending out to customers directly again.
  • 27. August Shipped out 7% more today. Now preparing the pallet with the finished USA order packages on it. It will be sent this Thursday to a logistic Center in Pennsylvania. Those will then be dropped off at a USPS station to be sent to US customers. Every US customer will receive the SSP-1 with the orange tip glued into the outer barrel. Customers from the states New York and California will also have electrical orange tape around the grip and trigger guard.
  • 23. August Batch #1 is sold out. Today I sent out the first SSP1s i. First Customers are expected to receive their gun early next week. The US orders will be dispatched mid of next week (E-Mails with details follows).
  • 22. August First Update - Shipping of the first orders will start tomorrow on 23. August.