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Airsoft Guns

We at Novritsch develop, test and release all sorts of Airsoft guns that are then structured in systems. There is something for everyone. Continue reading

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What to consider when buying an airsoft gun?

We at NOVRITSCH develop, test and release all main types of airsoft guns. This includes long-range airsoft sniper rifles, reliable pistols and high-performing rifles. Everything for airsoft players, by airsoft players. 

Why buy an Airsoft Gun?

Out of everything that shoots, airsoft guns combine unique attributes by being both very safe and realistic. That means they are not just suitable for the game of airsoft but you can also use them for gun handling training, target practice or gun display.

Airsoft Gun for a Casual Airsofter

For those mostly going just casual games, it is important to get an airsoft gun that is fairly priced, reliable and maintenance-free. NOVRITSCH Assault Rifles, especially AEG, are the best bet here, being plug-n-play yet very competitive on the field.

Beginner TIP

If you are starting out with airsoft, check out our Start Airsoft product bundles that include our best seller: SSR4 Airsoft Electric Gun.


Hardcore Airsofter Replica - Long List of Features!

If you are a battle-hardened airsofter, who wants to expand his collection with something MILSIM-worthy, the NOVRITSCH SSR90 is a good pick. Being a bit of an underrated gem, it is one of the best P90 replicas on the market.

Besides proper FN Herstal licensing, the second generation of this AEG comes with 25 RPS, a programmable trigger unit (what is that?), an in-house designed CNC Flat Hop mod, a quick spring exchange, proper QD Sling points, modular trigger, space for a huge battery and more. Overall a great airsoft PDW. 

NOVRITSCH Airsoft Sniper - Popular Long Range Rifles

In all fairness, to an extent, we are still known for sniper rifles. Staples like the SSG24 or SSG10 are popular for a reason. So, if you are starting out with airsoft sniping, you should definitely check out the SSG10 A1. The 25-year warranty to support this start, alongside great accuracy, reliability and the option to select muzzle energy, make it the best sniping bang for your buck.

And if the SSG10 design doesn't suit your style, there is always the SSG96 with the typical CS:GO vibe...

Best CQB Airsoft Gun Setup - SSP5

One of the best options, if you go mostly for CQB games, is the Novritsch SSP5. It holds a unique place on the market, delivering rifle-level performance in a pistol package. Made to compete with 1 000 € competition HiCapas, it takes the best practice of custom pistol-tuning into mass production, bringing the price to an affordable level. Now available in 3 different lengths.


Don't forget to get a gun bag if you are buying an airsoft replica. In most places, travelling with your airsoft gun uncovered can get you in real trouble.

What to consider when buying an airsoft gun?

If you are looking to buy an airsoft gun, you should keep in mind that they are not created equal. And your game experience may differ widely based on the gun you pick. Here are basic things to consider.

    • Is it legal: In some places, airsoft guns may be illegal. For example in Germany, Full Auto replicas over 0.5 Joule are banned. Check your local laws. There is a good article on Wikipedia. Or if you are buying one of NOVRITSCH guns, you can find shipping information for your country on the specific product page.
    • Type of replica: having a huge impact on your experience, you should consider the right one for you:
      • AEG - low-maintenance rifles. About the most versatile type of airsoft gun you can get. 
      • GBB - Gas BlowBack Pistols and Rifles are a bit heavier on maintenance. To run them, you need to buy Airsoft Gas, and clean the barrel a bit more often. However, they are very close to the real thing in terms of operation.
      • Sniper - a popular category. Affordable and quality rifles that are simple in principle mean fairly low maintenance. However, given how difficult is to play effectively as a sniper, these guns are not really recommended to beginners.
    • Budget: no money = no gun. Simple. The more money you are willing to invest, the more features you get. However, don't pick up the cheapest electric pistol as your first airsoft gun. Chances are, you won't enjoy the game.
    • Power output: same as with country laws, official fields usually have their own rules on power. Check the rules for your favourite field to make sure your gun is not too strong. We at NOVRITSCH offer different power variants of our guns to suit your needs.
    • Warranty: a point worth considering, especially if you are starting out with airsoft guns. Most guns these days are fine but after some time, things Disassembling and fixing an AEG can be a tricky process. That's why an extensive warranty may be a good thing to consider. All NOVRITSCH guns come with a warranty, with some models such as SSG10 or SSR4 having a 25-year warranty.
    • Accessory options: trust us when we tell you that eventually, everyone wants to do accessories. It's fun and you get to customize your airsoft gun. Make sure to get one that allows that.

Common Questions: Buying an Airsoft Gun